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Hey I will be vending at EFNW!!! I need to make prints!!! Vote or Comment! 

8 deviants said Celestia and Luna posing on a chair for House of Canterlot... (like this )
7 deviants said Maud Pie and Breaking Bad crossover, she likes rocks...
5 deviants said Main 6 in Pokemon Trainer Outfits (Maud finds Helix fossil!!!)
4 deviants said Vinyl putting on Octy's tie and hipster glasses saying "This my serious face!"
3 deviants said Flutters with Katana posing for Kill Bill... I mean Kiss Bunnies...
2 deviants said Ponytones doing "Help" cover!
2 deviants said Cheese Sandwich in Fistful of Fun! (like this )
1 deviant said Potter World Trixie vs Twilight MAGIC DUEL!!!
No deviants said Avatar Last Airbender Crossover (RD as Airbender, Pie Family Earthbenders, etc...)
No deviants said Other silly stuff involving canon stuff???? COMMENT Plz!


Apr 21, 2014
6:17 am
Apr 21, 2014
12:27 am
Apr 20, 2014
11:46 pm
Apr 20, 2014
11:36 pm
Apr 20, 2014
11:33 pm


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Join here:

Some rules:
-Be nice! Yeah that shouldn't be too hard, right?
-No drama you can keep the hate for yourself. we are here to have fun, Thank You. -smile-
-Sorry even though I can enjoy a policical or religious convo... For everyone's sanity let's avoid it.
- I use Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS5, and Illustrator CS5.

So what is this about?

Yeah I am trying to knuckle down and draw some! Cheer me on while I try to have a finish piece everyday for 30 days! 

Lets do this!!!!

1 Tue April 15th~ Learned Big Mac Update! ~ "Tang" DONE:…
2 Wed April 16th~ Mane 6 ~ Twilight! Done:
3 Thurs April 17th~Vector Cadance Salute DONECadance Salute by Johansrobot!
4 Fri April 18th~ Twist is Best Pony~ Button, print, and bumper Done
5 Sat April 19th~Celestia and Luna in House of Cards Canterlot Print DONE
6 Sun April 20th~ Deadpool flipping the bird  UpLoad In Progress
7 Mon April 21th~ Learned Big Mac Update ~ "Luna's Sabotage"
8 Tue April 22th~ Mane 6 ~ AJ!
9 Wed April 23th~ Maud Pie Breaking Bad crossover Print
10 Thurs April 24th~ Mane 6 ~ Rarity!
11 Fri April 25th~ So Kawaii Flapjack
12 Sat April 26th~ Mane 6 as Pokémon trainers, Maud with helix fossil
13 Sun April 27th~ Mane 6 ~ RD!
14 Mon April 28th~ Learned Big Mac Update ~ "Major 'Tosh"
15 Tue April 29th~Taker of the thrown, my guess who will win the Game of Thrones!
16 Wed April 30th~  Learned Big Mac ~ "Luna's cover up"
17 Thurs May 1st~Mane 6 ~Fluttershy!
18 Fri May 2nd~ Soka Star wars ~ Bro request
19 Sat May 3rd~ "OCs Saturday" Rizzies x 2, Stumpleton, Vulpixel, and a Pachi OC
20 Sun May 4th~ Cinco De Mayo Celebration!  
21 Mon May 5th~ Learned Big Mac Update ~ "Back to earth, AHHhhhhh!"
22 Tue May 6th~ Gilda Print
23 Wed May 7th~ Snowflake Print
24 Thurs May 8th~ Wallpaper Day (2 designs knocking around in my head)
25 Fri May 9th~ Mane 6 ~ Pinkie Pie!
26 Sat May 10th~ 3x10 Flim Flam pic
27 Sun May 11th~ Luna Print Sleeping/Dreaming!
28 Mon May 12th~ Learned Big Mac Update ~ "Bigger dreams"
29 Tue May 13th~ Vinyl with Ovty's Tie and Hipster glasses saying "This is my serious face"
30 Wed May 14th~ Pun day ~Rainbow Dachshund!
31 Thurs May 15th~ Freedraw! AKA I'll figure out something cool...

~Here we go!!!
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  • Watching: Pacific Rim

Yeah decided to share it here! 

Follow if you like to keep up with my very NSFW art!


Edit: Happy April Fools! :lol:


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Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hello Everyone!


I am JohansRobot, I am trying to have fun here on DA! I enjoy drawing political cartoons, comic book heroes, and ponies (Well. most of my finish pieces are ponies !!!). I've been drawing since I was little but started taking anatomy and style semi-seriously about 6 years ago when I was a paid illustrator/editorial cartoonist for an independent paper. Here in hopes to be inspired and enthusiastic about art.

I am always Learning, don't be afraid to give me a critique or advice!


Programs I use are Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator, and SAI.

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Photoshop User by firstfear Stamp - Illustrator User by firstfear NEWBIE: Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear

Thanks for reading and looking! :D

The Colbert Report Stamp by Sketchfighter316I am a CARTOON in a HUMAN BODY by StrawberryRGreendale Flag Stamp by Kryptonite-KidBerry Punch Stamp by jewlechoFlim and flam stamp by Jontukka

Commission info

Information Here:

----> <-----


Note 4-14-14: I am currently closed for commissions

:bulletblue: Meep Vector Cadence salute - IP
:bulletblue: [Closed]
:bulletblue: [Closed]

:bulletblue: Currently not taking Requests
:bulletblue: A finished drawing of a JohnJoseco sketch from a long time ago [On Hold]

Other stuff!
:bulletblue: Working on Ask the Learned Big Mac tumbler [currently working on tons of things] Check it out here:…

No Need to Thank Me for the Llama!

Seriously, I appreciate the :+fav:s and the watches!

Instead say something awesome! Like a quote or a joke!

Let's have a good convo! :)


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dno111213 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Thank you for the llama c:
iamtherainbow 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hello my fellow shota lover
Thought you would appreciate this thread.…
Johansrobot 2 days ago   Digital Artist
Oh man I like this guy! :)
Thanks for the llama bro.
hey johan whats the web cam gif from? it seems really familiar.
Johansrobot 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Its Dean from one of my favorite movies The Iron Giant! :D

thanx, I think ima have to watch that movie.
Johansrobot 3 days ago   Digital Artist
Oh man, its probably one of the best Animated Movies... you're in for a treat!
In fact, I think underwear-clad shota butts are the greatest thing since Lauren Faust decided to make My Little Pony accessible to everyone. :)
Do you like shota butts? I do, especially when they're underwear-clad.
averyanime 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist

Look at that shota, show me the shota

Give me the shota, I want the the shota

Back up the shota, I need the shota

I like the shota, oh what a shota


Shaking that shota, I saw the shota

I want the shota, lord what a shota

Bring on the shota, give up the shota

Loving the shota, round shota


Down for the shota, I want the shota

Hunting the shota, chasing the shota

Casing the shota, getting the shota,

Beautiful shota, smoking shota

Talk to the shota, more shota...

Fine shota


All about the shota, big old shota

Serious shota, amazing shota

I'll take the shota, where is the shota

Stare at the shota, walking the shota

Touching the shota, whos got the shota

Grabbing the shota, rubbing the shota

Loving the shota, hugging the shota

Kissing the shota, holding the shota

Watching the shota.... Kicking the shota


Sleeping shota, screaming shota

Harder shota, softer shota

Sweeter shota, sour shota

New shota, used shota

Who's shota, sister's shota

Your mama's shota

Cookin shota, mean shota

Good luck with the shota


Foreign shota, home shota

Road shota, found shota

Covered shota, bare shota

Sweaty shota, powder that shota

Bad shota, sadder shota

Wide shota, wider shota...

Double wide shota


Live for the shota, I like the shota

Suing the shota, scared of the shota

Expensive shota, cheap shota

Discount shota, rented shota

Leased shota, selling the shota

Working shota, easy shota

Sleazy shota, greasy shota

Need a lot more shota


Wet shota, dry shota

I hope that one's my shota

Pretty shota, Pity shota

Little bitty shota


Beautiful shota, caressing the shota

Dissing the shota, missing the shota

Messing with the shota

Oh what a wonderful shota


Powerful shota, finding the shota

Give me the shota, wake up shota

Breakfast shota, lunch shota

Supper shota, dinner shota

Expensive shota, cheap shota

Buffet shota, hot shota

Cold shota, takeout shota

Delivery shota

All Shota


Shota shota shota shota shota

shota shota shota shota shota

shota shota shota shota shota

shota shota shota shota shota!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
pretty sure you just edited an existing poem but this is pretty impressive
Morticia-Lynne 5 days ago  Student Writer
You shota not provoked Shotabear's army!
You kawaiied cause a avaLENch!
Johansrobot 4 days ago   Digital Artist
Yep, my bad, I shota known better...
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